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Our Management Team


Mr. Sushil Jain

Mr. Sushil Jain is the Chairman of Pioneer group of companies with interests ranging from manufacturing to service industries, such as Railways, Pharmaceuticals, Mining and the 7th largest accounting firm in North India. In addition the Pioneer group is the leader in the provident fund management and reporting business counting the largest Indian business houses as well as leading multinationals in India such Coca-Cola, Bechtel amongst others. The Pioneer group operates across India and in Africa and the USA.


Mr. H.D. Khunteta

Mr. H.D. Khunteta (Ex Chairman and Director, REC India) has in a service span of more than 35 years, held many important assignment in the power sector including over 7 years working as a Board level member in REC (India’s largest financier of power projects). Well versed with Development & Financing in Power sector infrastructure projects for Generation, Transmission & Distribution both in Public & Private sector. Mr Khunteta specializes in fund raising and evaluation of investment opportunities in the power sector. (2)

Mr. Rishabh Jain

Mr Rishabh Jain, is a Director at Solarworld Energy Solutions. He is responsible for providing long term vision to the Company. Besides Solar, Rishabh takes a lead in running the railway and real estate division of the Group. Rishabh is passionate about his work. He is a Chartered Account and has worked with Ernst & Young for 3 years prior to joining the Group. He brings extensive experience in risk management to the team. (1)

Mr. Kartik Teltia

Mr. Kartik Teltia also a director of Solarworld Energy Solutions. He is also the founder of Solarworld Energy Solutions and Pioneer Global Enterprises Limited and is responsible for the day-to-day operational responsibilities for both companies. He is a Chartered Accountant with a business management degree from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Over the last 2 years, his clientele has been rapidly increasing including such multinationals such as ARMSCOR, Lotte, Advance valves etc